The film tells the hilarious true story of David Ghantt, a half-brained driver at an armoured car company who is led astray by his flirtatious work crush Kelly. Kelly and her buddy Steve convince David to do an inside job, and to everyone's surprise he manages to pull off one of the biggest bank heists in US History! With Steve conspicuously flashing the cash and the FBI closing in on them the plan starts to go south, then further south. Meanwhile Ghantt is hiding out in Mexico awaiting the money and Kelly, but an unexpected guest arrives in her place. With everyone out for themselves, things quickly start to fall, stumble and slip apart...

Film Credits

Jared Hess
Lorne Michaels
John Goldwyn
Emily Spivey
Chris Bowman
Hubbel Palmer
Zach Galifianakis
Owen Wilson
Jason Sudeikis
Ken Marino
Kate McKinnon
Kristen Wiig
Leslie Jones

More Information

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Country: United States
Language: English, Spanish
Released:30 September 2016
Duration: 96 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Comedy Suspense/Thriller


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