Wounded in the war, Tommy Donahue and DD Davis return home from Iraq to the slum neighborhood they grew up in. Tommy returns to his wife, Faith, whom he abandoned while she was pregnant to escape a life of crime. Tommy meets his disabled six year-old daughter, Hope, for the first time, and she begins to melt his frozen heart. While DD struggles to make an honest living, his older brother, Darnell, has risen to become the neighborhood kingpin. DD faces the pressure to save his younger brother, James, from following in Darnell’s dangerous footsteps. Tommy and DD find themselves trapped in the same slum they joined the military to escape. As they struggle for redemption, their own families become entangled in a web of crime, corruption and violence.

Film Credits

Sean Kirkpatrick
Sean Kirkpatrick
Judy Jerome
Maddie M. Jones
Chris Kerson
Will Blagrove
Mark Borkowski

More Information

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Language: English
Released:20 May 2011
Duration: 107 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Drama Suspense/Thriller

Cost Of A Soul

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